It is our mission to spread accurate and actionable knowledge to those in pain and those who are pain-free for the sole purpose of better everyday movement in everyday life. The big question to be asked is: Are you working to your optimal potential?

Our clients focus on sustainability. Clearing the initial pathway for your body to first remove any adhesions or restrictions would be the first step towards long-term and sustained graduations in performance.

It is very rewarding to see you reach your body’s potential. Whether it is to relieve you from your 9-5 stress or help you manage it better, improve your posture and pain or if you want to simply move better, we have you covered.

Where will we train?

We are based in the Melbourne CBD. In addition, depending on location, we can bring the gym to you. We bring all the equipment to you and train you in the privacy of your own home or outside at your local park.

Please contact to confirm locations and details.

What’s first?

The process starts with a complete biomechanical assessment, which is just our way of testing how your body handles itself in everyday life, which in turn tells us what it’s strengths and weaknesses are. This will more specifically be done through the Functional Patterns methodology with a static postural assessment and a slow-motion gait analysis followed by self-myofascial release and corrective exercises.

Your success will be achieved by boosting biomechanical capabilities by analyzing your individual movement patterns before applying correctional measures for higher quality everyday movement.

You will be instilled and empowered with the knowledge and practice needed to remove restrictions on the body for sustained graduations in performance.

How do I start?

Simply get in touch. We will organize a meeting place and then discuss your goals in depth where we can also take a medical history. It’s also a chance for you to ask any more questions about the service we provide.

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